About Foundation

World Russian Press Foundation registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as a non-profit organization October 22, 2014.

Full name of the Foundation in Russian:
          Фонд сотрудничества с русскоязычной зарубежной прессой - Фонд ВАРП
Abbreviated name of the Foundation in Russian:
          Фонд ВАРП
Full name of the Foundation in English:
          World Russian Press Foundation
Abbreviated name of the Foundation in English:
          WARP Foundation

The purpose of the Foundation:

  • development of cooperation with the Russian foreign press aimed at the formation of an objective image of Russia, the widespread awareness of the social, economic, cultural, scientific and other achievements of the peoples of Russia among Russian (Russian-speaking) diaspora abroad, the organization and conduct of event aimed at that in Russia and abroad.

The main activities of the Foundation:

  • preservation and support of the Russian language as a universal medium of journalism in Russia and abroad;
  • development of a unified world Russian (Russian-speaking) information space;
  • facilitation of the implementation of the rights of compatriots abroad to access to information, freedom of expression of opinion  and views on what is happening in Russia and abroad, to communication in Russian language;
  • facilitation of the organization of the journalistic community for free and objective reporting of events in Russia and abroad, the life of compatriots and all native speakers of Russian;
  • expansion of scientific, educational, cultural and information exchanges between the compatriots and all native speakers of Russian;
  • strengthening of relations, implementation of exchanges of creative and professional experience of foreign journalists of Russian editions, new media, television and radio services;
  • identifying gifted young people among the Russian foreign diasporas and supporting their education in the field of journalism and related activities, creating conditions for their professional development, growth and improvement;
  • strengthening and improving the legal, economic and other relations in the field of protection of intellectual property in the global international exchange of information;
  • facilitation of the organization of legal and social protection of journalists of Russian foreign media;
  • assistance, including financial and technological, to the Russian foreign media (print and broadcast news agencies and media resources, publishers, editors, TV and radio services and programs, as well as other legitimate manufacturers and distributors of all kinds of media in Russian language), public organizations and associations of compatriots abroad;
  • support of public, media, political, economic, technological initiatives and the implementation of related projects that contribute to achieving the objectives of the Foundation;
  • maintenance of cultural and humanitarian relations of Russian (Russian-speaking) foreign diasporas with Russia, preservation of the best traditions of the peoples of the Russian Federation and the general Russian cultural heritage.

Sources of financing and the formation of the Foundation's assets:

  • regular and one-off receipts from the Founders;
  • voluntary material contributions and donations;
  • revenue from sales of goods, jobs and services;
  • dividends (income, interest) received on shares, bonds, other securities and deposits;
  • income derived from the property of the Foundation;
  • other receipts not prohibited by law.

Registration documents of the Foundation (all in Russian):

Foundation Contact

Russia 125009,
Moscow, Tverskoy Boulevard, 10, building 1
Tel .: +7 499 7910317, +7 495 6922335
Fax: +7 499 7910013
e-mail: foundation@warp.pro