XVI World Congress of Russian Press

Shanghai, China, May 2014

XVI World Congress of Russian Press

XVI World Congress of Russian Press on 18-22 May 2014 took place in Shanghai.

That year China Radio International (CRI) was celebrating the 60th anniversary of the start of broadcasting in Russian, and invited the forum to join its anniversary.

Although the number of mass media in Russian in China is low, the country has seen an explosion of interest towards the Russian language for a number of years. New departments and specialties were opened in universities. Chinese Internet resources in Russian experienced an avalanche growth of domestic traffic.

All this was a sufficient reason for Russian publishers and journalists from 46 countries to gather in China. One of the objectives of the World Congress of Russian Press is always the desire of the participants and WARP overall to look deeper into the situation with the Russian language, Russian media in the hosting country, as well as present all the diversity of the Russian-speaking information space.

Forum in China has been given unprecedented attention from Chinese colleagues. It is no coincidence therefore, that the heads of the largest "Shanghai Media Group", the All-China Journalists Association and the Society of Russian-Chinese friendship attended the congress as guests of honor.

Russian President Vladimir Putin sent his greetings to participants and guests of the forum.

The main discussion in the plenary sessions revolved around the main challenge for the modern media: the conflict of traditional "analog" media technology with virtualization of information space, the disappearance of national borders in the reading-viewing-listening-user audience. And the country which has hundreds of millions of registered Internet users was the best place to discuss and explore this issue.

22 May 2014

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