XVIII World Congress of Russian Press

UNESCO / Paris, France, October 2016

XVIII World Congress of Russian Press worked ran on 19-21 October 2016 in Paris. It  gathered more than 250 leaders of Russian media, representing more than 500 media from 63 countries.

This forum of the Russian-speaking media was special - at the invitation of UNESCO, its chosen venue was the headquarters of the largest international organization UN. It is no coincidence, as WARP, founded in 1999, and UNESCO have been connected via long-term mutual interests and contacts.

The main theme of the forum was formulated as "The Russian-speaking media as a space of inter-ethnic cooperation and mutual cultural enrichment" considering that the holding of the World Congress of Russian Press in the walls of UNESCO would be weighty evidence of the role of the Russian language as the most important means of international communication, a tool of education and cultural dialogue.

The first ceremonial session of the forum was held at the opening of Russian spiritual and cultural center in Paris and was its first public event.

Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the participants and guests of the forum with a written greeting in which he noted the special importance of this format to the consolidation of the Russian-language media space for the exchange of professional experiences, to develop new ideas and projects, to form an objective image of Russia in the eyes of foreign public.

President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko addressed his greeting along with the high appraisal of the forum importance ​​to the XVIII World Congress of Russian Press.

Participants and guests were also welcomed in writing by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of Russian Federation Valentina Matvienko.

Next the Congress continued its work in the headquarters of UNESCO.

On the final day of the forum the first deputy Director General of UNESCO Getachew Engida addressed the participants.

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In Paris, the World Congress of Russian Press met for the second time in its history. Earlier, in 2007, the French capital hosted the IX World Congress of Russian Press.

A special place in France, and Paris in the history of Russian social, literary, journalistic and political life abroad was reflected in that fact.

22 October 2016

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