V World Congress of Russian Press

Baku, Azerbaijan, September 2003

V World Congress of Russian Press

The choice of Azerbaijan as the venue for the V World Congress of Russian Press, held in Baku from 18 to 21 September 2003, was influenced by the positive experience of this post-Soviet country that managed to maintain conditions for the full activity of the mass media in Russian language against a background of growth of national consciousness, formation of state sovereignty and the high level of political activity of the new Azerbaijan society.

Russian media in Azerbaijan is not diasporal press but full participants of the information space of the country providing an objective interpenetration and international information exchange to facilitate the preservation and development of the Russian language in the country thereby enriching its potential.

Members of Congress paid special attention to the development of information, cultural exchanges and professional journalism in post-Soviet space.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and President of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev adressed the participants of the congress with greetings.

Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev hosted the participants and spoke in front of them.

25 September 2003

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