VI World Congress of Russian Press

Sofia - Varna, Bulgaria, July 2004

VI World Congress of Russian Press

VI World Congress of Russian Press gathered in a country that is considered to be the birthplace of educators Cyril and Methodius who laid the foundations of the Cyrillic alphabet - Bulgaria. 1-6 July 2004 forum gathered in the country's capital Sofia and the Black Sea Varna.

Although the Russian press in Bulgaria are a few and far between, guests of the Congress felt welcome in the country as they were easily able to read any Bulgarian newspaper.

Forum paid particular attention to factors of modernity such as globalization and international conflicts - that are a particularly acute challenge for traditionally ethnic Russian-speaking communities.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov addressed the VI World Congress of Russian Press with greetings.

Bulgarian Prime Minister Simeon Saxe-Coburg Gotha hosted its members and guests.

06 July 2004

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