IX World Congress of Russian Press

Paris, France, June 2007

IX World Congress of Russian Press

IX World Congress of Russian Press took place in France, the country with perhaps the richest heritage of Russian emigration of XIX-XX centuries.

Since 1947, in Paris, weekly newspaper "Russkaya Mysl" has been published, which considers itself a continuation of the historic literary and political magazine published in France since 1880 and ceased to exist in 1927.

In 1978-2000 the newspaper was managed by Irina Ilovaiskaya-Alberti, participant of the I World Congress of Russian Press in Moscow, one of the founders of the World Association of Russian Press (WARP).

In 2007 the newspaper "Russkaya Mysl" celebrated the 60th anniversary that coincided with the conduct of IX World Congress of Russian Press on June 14-17 in Paris.

This forum became some kind of finale of the convergence process of the "old" Russian emigration press and new foreign Russian media. After that, the existence of a unified Russian information space abroad can be considered valid.

Particular attention to the IX World Congress of Russian Press was drawn by UNESCO. Deputy Director-General for Communication and Information, Abdul Waheed Khan, took part in the Congress work.

Traditionally Russian President Vladimir Putin sent his greetings to participants and guests of the Congress.

17 June 2007

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