VIII World Congress of Russian Press

Astana, Kazakhstan, June 2006

VIII World Congress of Russian Press

On 25-27 June 2006 the World Congress of Russian Press was first held on the Asian continent.

VIII World Congress of Russian Press that brought together representatives of Russian mass media from 45 countries was hosted by the new capital of Kazakhstan - Astana.

Russian media in Kazakhstan is a natural component of the media landscape of the country. It existed here before the formation of the new state - the Republic of Kazakhstan and has been actively and effectively participating in its formation and development. Socio-political, children's, women's, regional and branch magazines and newspapers are published across the country where almost all reading population speaks Russian language.

This is one of the characteristics and components of the cultural riches of Kazakhstan in its Eurasian path.

It was also the leitmotif of the forum where the process of integration of peoples and cultures, the role of the Russian language in them, the Russian media as an important factor of strategic partnership in the information space and the means of mass communication and understanding compatriots were discussed.

Greetings to participants and guests of the VII World Congress of Russian Press were sent by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.

27 June 2006

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