XII World Congress of Russian Press

Tel Aviv - Jerusalem, Israel, May 2010

XII World Congress of Russian Press

XII World Congress of Russian Press was held on May 23-27, 2010 in Israel.

World Forum of Russian journalism that took place in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem this time became one of the largest in the number of participants and guests.

It is not difficult to explain this. Apart from the fact that at least 20 percent of the population of Israel are from Russia or other former Soviet countries, and therefore Russian for them is either the native, or "second native" language, it must be known that Russian journalism like all literature: books, journalism - owes much to the people, many descendants of whom now live in Israel.

Russian media community in Israel is one of the largest in the world of Russian journalism corporations. Newspapers, magazines, books in Russian are published and television broadcasts here. Russian radio stations including public ones are on air 24 hours a day. Information segment of the Israeli Internet is also largely Russian-speaking.

Therefore, the question of journalists, "Why the World Congress of Russian Press was going to Israel?" was routinely answered by the organizers by posing a question, "Why the World Congress of Russian Press is going to Israel just now?".

However, the XII World Congress of Russian Press was also one of the most meaningful. At this time, the participants together with the hosts - Russian press Israel – were looking for answers to their questions about the role and prospects of the Russian language in the information space of XXI century. In this sense, according to some participants, Israel is a visual "range": on the one hand the Russian language is very common and its carriers are not experiencing difficulties in its daily use at work, at home, and public communication. On the other hand the new generation of Israelis of the "Russian" origin have a choice of priority of languages between Russian language - the language of the family, and English - the universal international communicator. At the same time, Russian information space - not only in Israel, but also globally - provides enough information about the world and the country.

Israel's leadership paid special attention to the forum happening in the country. Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanahu took part and presented at the Congress. Israeli President Shimon Peres also met with members of the Congress.

The Head of Russian Presidential Administration Sergei Naryshkin who also participated in the work of the Congress sent written greetings from the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to the participants and guests of the Congress.

27 May 2010

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