XIV World Congress of Russian Press

Naples - Capri, Italy, September 2012

XIV World Congress of Russian Press

XIV World Congress of Russian Press was held on September 23-27, 2012 in the south of Italy - Naples and the island of Capri.

Italy has no major media projects in Russian yet. However, the interest of Italian colleagues to the World Russian Press Forum, which opened in the walls of the legendary Neapolitan Castel dell'Ovo, was sincere and full of surprise – such is wide geography of Russian media space. Naples was attended by representatives of Russian mass media from 54 countries.

At the plenary sessions and in the themed sections congress participants discussed the development of new media formats in the mass media and the prospects of their co-existence with the traditional forms, the position of the Russian press and the state of Russian professional journalist community in different countries, the experience of cooperation between Russia and Russian-speaking communities abroad.

The participants and guests of the XIV World Congress of Russian Press were addressed with greetings by the Russian President Vladimir Putin and Italian President Giorgio Napolitano.

One of the significant parts of the congress was a visiting session that participants of the congress held in Capri which at one time was called "Italic Yasnaya Polyana." Here is a partial list of Russian writers who have left their mark on the island: Leonid Andreyev, Ivan Bunin, Ivan Turgenev, Paustovsky, Maxim Gorky.

27 September 2012

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